About Pinnacle Sticker Co.

There are a lot of labels that describe me; wife, mom, fur mom, homemaker, teacher, shop owner, planner addict. While the list could go on, I think what best describes me is "weirdo looking for peace". I started planning while in school as a way to not forget my homework. Then while in college I had additional responsibilities to juggle with school. As I got older the responsibilities just kept adding on and planning wasn't as fun... until I found stickers that is. I love the creative outlet decorative planning offers but my heart still resides in functionality. This is the main reason I chose to begin Pinnacle Sticker Co. I love the creativity of designing stickers and now drawing my own art work for the shop. As with everything in life I try to let my nerdy, type A+ self shine.

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    Love these! The 2024 Year at a Glance stickers are perfect size for any planner!

    Too Cute <3

    These are too cute! I love the Magical Jane waterproof die cut stickers. They are perfect for my waterbottle.


    I love that they offer custom scripts and all the font choices! I've ordered them multiple times and keep a running list to reorder.

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